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Cayman Islands Turtle Farm DecemberI’ve always thought the entire notion of the New Year’s Resolution was rather amusing. It’s so frustrating to have to fight for parking at the gym in January and February. Where did they go in March? I also think it’ rather counter-productive if you think you want to make a change in October but decide to make it your New Year’s Resolution. What were you waiting for? It must not be something you want so badly if you are willing to post-phone getting started for months!

For me, the goals where I have been successful, hard, yet achievable, and there’s something in it for me. So how did I do in 2012? I’m really excited because I learned so much. One of my 2012 decisions was to bring my lunch to work every day. The main reason for this was to stay on track with my weight loss.  That worked, which is enough to be excited about, but the added benefit was all the money I saved. (Do the math if you are eating lunch out…) Because of this change I was able to take two great vacations in 2013… How awesome is that? Well you now know my plan for 2014! Unquestionably when you make a change and reap the benefits it can become a routine. Vacationing in the Caribbean is my kind of routine are you with me next time?

I think it less about setting a resolution and more about having true resolve.

When you attack a problem with resolve you are focused and willing to make some sacrifices. I also planned on reaching my final weight/fitness Zumba Master Class with Gina Grantgoal by the end of 2013 and I am not there yet. Was missing the mark a total disaster? No! In August of 2012 I went to my first Zumba class, hiding in the back row (how do you hide in size XXL gym pants?). In July of 2013 I because a certified Zumba Instructor and ZIN member.

Yes, I’ve had to buy new fitness wear! This year I also learned a lot about measurements that are not the scale, including reduction in body fat, increased muscle mass, strength, and endurance. These are really tricky balances to get right, so it’s taking a little longer, but I am learning that the clothes get looser with the training.IMG_1239

The 2013 change I am most excited is the change going in in my head – that true resolve to get to where I want to be and to become the person I aspire to become. I am more focused than ever. So I promise all of you that I will keep posting positive thoughts, great healthy meal ideas, and whatever else comes to mind in 2014. I will continue to work on my cookbook for gourmet cooks who want to be healthy. Thank you to all of my friends who have been an inspiration and support in 2013. I hope to give back in 2014 and hope you achieve your dreams in 2014.

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