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junellen and lharissaSo it’s January and everyone is making their New Year’s Resolutions at this time of the year. Actually, I started my big turn-around in the month of August. When you’re ready for change, you’re ready. If you set ridiculous goals in January, I appreciate the parking spot you were taking up when you stop showing up at the gym in February.

That said, how about making 2015 a year of transformation? Let’s not get too crazy here. We’re talking about making a few changes at a time. You’ll be surprised how these small successes may propel you into bigger and better things!

Here I am with Lharissa on Channel 2, KPRC Houston being interviewed by reporter Courtney Gilmore. Would I have thought this would happen 76 pounds ago? I hope you are excited about doing something different this month. To the New Year and a NEW YOU!


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