Thirteen Meals from a Rotisserie Chicken

I love spending time in the kitchen! Every once in awhile, there’s a weekend with so much going on I have to rely on some easy fixes and I don’t want to sacrifice healthy eating or foods I will enjoy. Of course I will “shop in my own freezer” and use some of the soups and chilies I have recently made, but another option I like is to simply buy a rotisserie chicken and make several meals from it RotisserieChicken (3)

So here’s how it breaks down:

First I assembled four meals using the leg/thigh pieces and some sliced breast meat

RotisserieChicken (15) RotisserieChicken (5) RotisserieChicken (16)
  • For a low carb lunch on Wednesday I filled a reheat-able container with fresh spinach. The spinach will cook when I heat up the meal and will be flavored by the other items. I added 4 ounces of chicken breast meat and oven roasted vegetables. I made a second lunch for someone else using the leg/thigh
  • For high-carb dinner Tuesday night I baked a sweet potato and stuffed it with steamed broccoli. Here I also included roasted vegetables and spinach and 5 1/2 ounces of the chicken
  • And then I just packaged up the other chicken leg and thigh with just broccoli for a picky eater in my household!

Oven roasted vegetables were used for these lunches and dinners. They are easy to make and so delicious.

CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPIE: Oven Roasted Vegetables

 Next I used the remaining white meat to make my favorite chicken salad

RotisserieChicken (14)

Rotisserie chicken salad is easy and believe it or not I use Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. Time for a lunch break so I plated up one serving with some lettuce, tomatoes, olives and a few whole grain crackers. The other two servings got packaged up for two Monday night dinners over a giant salad. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPIE: Rotisserie Chicken Salad

We haven’t used all that chicken yet!!

Finally, I put the carcass in a soup pot with my favorite flavors to make a wholesome bone-broth. I added lot of vegetables and some additional vegetable stock so I got 8 servings of soup as a result. Monday lunch will be soup! I usually add some chicken, leftover meatballs or an egg to my vegetable soup as well. I froze the remaining 4 portions and I know they will come in handy for a quick lunch or snack.

 RotisserieChicken (2)  RotisserieChicken (13) RotisserieChicken (23)

I have posted my bone broth recipe before, but if you missed it CLICK HERE FOR THE BASIC BONE BROTH RECIPE: Bone Broth

Of course I prepared several other items for the week using beef, fish and eggs but I was nice to save some time and make several good meals from one easy chicken. Have a healthy week!

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